We are continuing to provide services during the time of the pandemic. We are accepting new clients.
We offer both online and in-person sessions, to meet your personal needs.

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Services Provided

Providing indiviual, couples and family counseling.

Marital Counseling

Reducing marital conflict, improving communication, and healing after infidelity or other difficult events in the relationship.

Family Counseling

Reducing family conflict and improving family relationships (such as parent-child, blended family issues, or sibling relationships).  

Individual Counseling

Improving overall satifaction of life, by working through a presenting issue one-on-one with therapist. (issues treated are listed below)

Issues Treated:


Sexual Disfunction and Sexual Addiction Issues


Low Self-Esteem

Work and Career Issues


Stress/Anxiety Management

Child Behavior Problems/ADHD

Anger Management

Sports/Performance Enhancement

There are several therapy approaches used. Your therapist will help you decide which is best for your current issue. Trauma/PTSD is usually treated with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This is a research/evidence based treatment, used to resolve distressing or traumatic memories. The theory behind EMDR is that many psychological difficulties are the result of distressing life experiences, which have not been stored in memory properly, and are said to be “blocked”. These distressing memories may need some help to be processed correctly, and EMDR can do this. EMDR has also been used to successfully relieve issues related to anxiety, depression, performance, self-esteem, and others.   

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